Are you longing for change in work or private life?

If you are, then you may be looking for a coach, for yourself, or maybe a member of your team?

And if you look for someone with SME-management-, sales- or even really global export experience, someone who is still very active in international sales, but who lives his passion and is part-time coach, who listens rather than tells, who stimulates thinking without judgment, who gently moves you forward and holds you to your own commitments... 

Then we may have a click!

Former 5 year expat, 20+ years experience as global exporter, distributor manager, head of international sales, MT member, experienced with business-partners in 40+ countries in Asia, Latam and EMEA, ex-Platinum KLM traveler, founder of the close to 900 member LinkedIn group European Exporters. Years of experience with many of the issues of international travel and business, career and career change. Last 5 years working in business development and international sales of hi end medical equipment in a highly specialized market.

Now during weekends on free lance basis available as Co-Active Coach, capable of supporting you or members of your team as coach with personal, career and business issues. 

In 8 to 10 coaching sessions face-to-face or through Skype or WhatsApp phone, using Co-Active techniques and experience, I will challenge you to define your values, see where it hurts, find new perspectives, make choices and act on them. Ultimate aim is to help you deal with such issues in future without my help. And if you need and want advice on sales-management or export issues, just bring it up! 

Coaching can take place in English or Dutch.

Call me for a free discovery session!

Frequent Flyer Coaching
Bert Peters
Oude Molenweg 82
6227 XW Maastricht, Netherlands

Dutch Chamber of Commerce Nr. 65367677 

(Coaching during CET weekend hours)

Frequent Flyer Coaching
is based at Fermate, at the idyllic eastern border of Maastricht. Coaching with or during walks in the hills or over a coffee in old town Maastricht. 

Fermata or fermate is a music term and signifies the end of a phrase, where a breath is to be taken...